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Team Development

Picture this: Your team, firing on all cylinders, achieving remarkable feats, and having a blast while at it. That's the recipe for success in today's workplace. Teams that operate like well-oiled machines enjoy a slew of benefits, including heightened productivity, seamless collaboration, sky-high employee morale, and, let's not forget, a boost in the ol' bottom line.

But here's the kicker: Many teams find themselves trudging through the mud, inching toward peak performance, only to slip back into the mediocrity abyss. Does this sound familiar?

🎯 Are your team's communication hiccups akin to a traffic jam during rush hour, causing project delays that make you want to pull your hair out?

🤝 Do your team's collaborations resemble a stew gone wrong, leaving your projects feeling more like a messy jigsaw puzzle than a masterpiece?

🤗 Is there a certain "je ne sais quoi" missing in your team's connection and engagement with each other or their work?

💪 Or perhaps your team is doing well, but you've got that nagging feeling they could do even better? Yet, you find yourself wondering, "How on Earth do I nudge them to the next level?"

Well, here's a tantalizing idea: Inject some fun into your team's dynamics, and watch them soar to new heights of performance! Elevate your team's game by adding a splash of excitement with a team development workshop to your upcoming event. It's the secret sauce that turns good teams into truly exceptional ones. 🚀

How it workS

Our events are all about having a blast and lifting team spirits. But why stop at just fun when you can supercharge your team's capabilities while they're already bonding?

Picture this: You, your team, and a seasoned business consultant - the dream team for enhancing your squad's prowess. After your event, our expert will delve into your team's performance, using the experience as a springboard to fuel a dynamic workshop that'll take your team's strength to the next level.

Here's the scoop on what we'll help you achieve in three crucial areas:

  1. Communication: Sharpen those communication skills for seamless interaction.

  2. Strategic Skills: Equip your team with strategic finesse to tackle challenges head-on.

  3. Culture: Foster a vibrant team culture that drives success.

Our team consultant will be your eagle-eyed observer during the fun-filled event, carefully assessing how your team members collaborate. Following the event, they'll conduct a concise 30-minute workshop tailored for you or your entire team, fine-tuning your performance in these three pivotal areas.

But wait, there's more! We don't stop at observations. We crunch the numbers, analyze your team's actions, and cross-reference them with a treasure trove of data from the thousands of other teams we've hosted. This means you get performance-boosting recommendations based on real insights.

And here's the cherry on top: You can seamlessly tack on our team development workshop to any of our other events. It's like an encore that immediately follows the main act, and it can be tailored for either your manager or the entire team. The choice is yours! 🚀

Team Skills You'll build


Is your team's communication a well-oiled machine, propelling projects forward at warp speed? Or does it resemble rush hour traffic on a Monday morning, leaving everything at a standstill?

Fear not! Our trusty consultant is here to unravel the mysteries of your team's communication. Picture this: We'll observe your team's communication dynamics during your event. Then, armed with insights, we'll craft tailor-made, supercharged strategies to turbocharge your team's efficiency.

Our consultant will pinpoint those pesky breakdowns in communication that might've cropped up during your event, and guess what? We're not just here to point out problems; we'll serve up a platter of actionable solutions that you can seamlessly apply in the workplace.

And if your team is all about project management tools and collaboration wizardry, don't hold back! Bring 'em to the event. We'll dive deep into how your team uses these tools, ensuring they're firing on all cylinders for maximum efficiency. Let's get the communication party started! 🗨️


Are all the gears in your team's engine running at full throttle, or do you have some members idling in the slow lane? Are your team's actions finely tuned to benefit one another, or is there a bit of a "pass the buck" mentality and an inclination to add extra hurdles?


Here's the deal: A top-notch team should be like a well-orchestrated symphony, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But let's face it, without those strategic chops, teams can end up being a cacophonous mess, tripping over their own feet, and performing worse than a solo act.


Worry not! Your trusty consultant is here to work their magic. Using your event as a launchpad, they'll serve up a buffet of suggestions for smoother team collaboration, ninja-like problem solving, and task management skills..


Based on your team's performance, they'll sprinkle some strategic fairy dust, helping your team see the big picture and realize how to tap into each member's unique strengths. It's like turning your group into a strategic dream team, ready to conquer any challenge with style! 🤝


Each time your team huddles up, they're crafting the very essence of your company's culture. This culture isn't just window dressing; it's the life force that shapes how your team perceives their workplace, wards off or fuels burnout, and even holds the power to make folks either stick around or hit the exit door.

So, let's talk shop: Are your team's deeds and words forging a culture that's a high-five-worthy celebration of its members, or are they unwittingly creating a Great Wall of China between them? Spoiler alert: A less-than-stellar culture can be the root of performance woes, retention headaches, and engagement hiccups, while a robust one is like a magnet for talent, contentment, and an office brimming with good vibes.

That's where our consultant steps in like a culture maestro. They'll be your workplace's anthropologist, dissecting how your team interacts to mold their current culture. If they see that your company and the culture your team is creating is a match made in heaven, they'll offer a high-five and a strategy for taking it to the next level. But if things are veering off-course from your company's core values, don't sweat it! Our consultant will help you plot a course correction and plan events that'll sprinkle some magic dust on your team's mindset, steering the ship toward a culture that's got your back. 🎉

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How it Works

Bring any size virtual team together. Boost engagement, team retention, and have fun.

Book Your Event

Social team building

When booking any event, just select "Yes" when asked if you want a team workshop after.

Enjoy Your Event


Teams solve codes, overcome  challenges, and maybe save the universe. In short, they have a ton of fun!

Enjoy your Workshop

Live Host

Immediately after your event, a professional consultant runs your workshop based on your team's performance.

Customizations & development

Customizing your event is a great way to show your team they're special. We can incorporate each one of your participant's names into the game itself, building a unique puzzle for every player. We can also include company values, slogans, team members photos, logos, or inside jokes seamlessly into your event. 

When you add a development workshop, we adjust our events to better reflect the needs of your team. If you have a specific area of focus, let us know beforehand so we can adjust your event accordingly.

When you add a team workshop to another event, pricing ranges from $10-$20/person depending on your team’s size.

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