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FREE GAME: Escape Planet Q

A dark force attacked your space crew’s ship, causing you crash on Planet Q! Stranded and losing power, you are running out of oxygen. You’ll need to find enough power crystals in 30 minutes to restore your ship and get off the planet. Work together with your crew to solve puzzles, battle an alien villain, and escape Planet Q!

Free public sessions available Wednesdays and Fridays.

Exciting news! We are now providing a complimentary 30-minute escape room experience. Join us for a free trial of Escape Planet X every Wednesday at 11am PT or Friday at 6:30pm PT. Engage in character interactions, solve puzzles, and have a blast – all via Zoom. Joining is as easy as clicking a Zoom link. This is a game open to the public, so feel free to invite your friends.

Prefer something more exclusive? Escape Planet X and our other paid experiences are always private when booked. Wait no longer, join us to experience an unforgettable adventure! 

This 30-minute virtual experience allows your group to interact with different characters and work together to solve puzzles and escape. Each player will be able to see each other’s cursors as they use their computer to explore the planet, maneuver digital objects, and escape before time runs out. 


Escape Planet Q is the perfect experience to help provide you with an idea of what our longer game experiences will be like. It will also feature a live game host just like our other games, there to help guide you through the story and answer all questions!

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