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Remote team winning team building game at work online

Top rated games & coaching for your top rateD team

Loved by 850+ companies

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Out of this world team building

Escape Rooms. Murder Mysteries. No set up required.

Made to build team skills

hassle free

Designed specifically for improving communication skills, strategic planning, and positive team culture.

Customizable options

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We can incorporate company values, slogans, logos, team members, and more.

Award winning Designs

award winning game designs

Our games are made by an international, award winning design team.



2020 Best Game Award Winner

  • Best for teams wanting to celebrate with a live actor host

  • Fun way to encourage creativity, group decision making, and teamwork

  • Open-ended games allowing your group to be imaginative and explore


2021 Best Cooperative Game Award Winner

  • Great for large teams to puzzle solve & strategize together as one collective group​

  • Fun way to encourage logical problem solving and communication skills

  • Allows large groups of any size to all collaborate as a team together


Comedy Murder Mystery

  • Great for any size team to strategize ad have whacky fun together ​

  • Fun way to encourage teamwork  and communication skills

  • Every player has a scripted role and important secret clues to share!


2020 Best Game Award Winner

  • Fun holiday-themed escape room for groups to play in teams

  • Fun way to celebrate, discuss creative problem solving, and have fun

  • Live actor host who tailors the game to your group

Trusted by Team leaders like you

TeaM Building groups of 4 to infinity!

Bring any size virtual team together. Boost engagement, team retention, and have fun.


Social team building

Get your team talking and building better communication skills.



Teams solve codes, overcome  challenges, and save the universe. In short, they have a ton of fun!



Teams succeed together, encouraging collaboration while building trust and teamwork skills.

Live Host

Live Host

Professional actors will guide your group, assisting your team with clues and laughs.

feedback & Customizations

Customizations & Feedback.png

Our games are made to improve communication skills with personalized feedback sessions.


Prices range depending on the game and your group size. We offer games at any time length of your choosing between 15 minutes and 120 minutes! Our most popular game lengths are 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes.

A typical game can range from $20-$50/person depending on the game and time length. Nonprofits and groups scheduling on weekends and evenings get $5/person off.

Submit a request or call us to get our best rates! 

Customizations & development

Your experience is more than just a game.


Customizing your game is a great way to make your players feel special. We can incorporate each one of your player's names into the game itself, building a unique puzzle for every player! We can also include company values, slogans, team members photos, logos, or inside jokes seamlessly into your event. 

After the fun, let us build your group's team skills from good to great. We'll bring a professional consultant to provide team skills analysis after your escape room. We'll review your team's strengths in communication, team strategy, and problem solving, noting constructive areas of improvement alongside celebrating your successes. Get your team working better together long after the event is over. 

Warning: Your team may enjoy our games so much, they'll want to come back again.

That's why our games are designed to be replayable, with new puzzles and characters!

Ready to Begin an Adventure?

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Don't have time to talk? Drop us a note here.


Let us set up your team bonding event that will get the office talking for weeks. All your team has to do is join the meeting at your selected time, meet our hosts, and enjoy your adventure!


Call or text: +1-213-788-6568

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