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 Remote Play - Any Group Size - Feedback & Fun 

TeaM Building groups of 4 to infinity!

We have virtual escape room game experiences designed specifically for large teams! It's as hassle-free as it gets: you let us know the date and time, we take care of the rest!


Social team building

We'll get your remote teams talking with one another, building communication skills.



Teams solve codes, overcome  challenges, and save the universe. In short, they have a ton of fun!



Teams succeed together, encouraging collaboration while building trust and teamwork skills.

Live Host

Live Host

Live hosts will facilitate online escape rooms, assisting your team with clues and laughs.

feedback & Customizations

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Our games are made to improve key soft skills with options for development feedback sessions.

Escape Games



  • Best for teams wanting to work in small independent groups (10 or less)

  • Fun way to encourage creativity, group decision making, and teamwork

  • Open-ended games allowing your group to be imaginative and explore


  • Great for large teams to puzzle solve & strategize together as one collective group​

  • Fun way to encourage logical problem solving and communication skills

  • Allows large groups of any size to all collaborate as a team together

Don't just take our word for it...

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Companies that participated in our virtual team building activities include Google, IBM, Blizzard Entertainment, Slalom Consulting, University of Pennsylvania, f5, and more.

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Out of this world team building

Our remote team building games are unlike any other. More than just a fun game, our virtual team building activities are made to develop your team's skills. They require cross-team collaboration and communication in fun way. Here, you can play an award winning virtual escape room game online from anywhere in the world.

Hassle free Experience

hassle free

You name the time, we take care of logistics. Let us take care of everything!

Made to build team skills

made to build team skills

Designed specifically for improving communication, strategic planning, and team communication skills.

Award winning Designs

award winning game designs

Our games are made by an international, award winning designer.

Customizable options

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We can incorporate company values, slogans, logos, team members, and more

Customize your event

Your experience is more than just a game.


Customize your game and let us build up your group's team skills from good to great. We can incorporate company values, slogans, team members, logos, and more as puzzle answers or characters into your escape room game.

We also offer options to add team building analysis after your escape room, where our facilitator will review your team's strengths in communication and problem-solving, noting constructive areas of improvement alongside celebrating your successes.

While our virtual team building games are collaborative, competitive elements between small teams can be added upon request. 





$19/person +$15 for multiple groups



45 Minutes: $24/person

60 Minutes: $30/person

90 minutes: $35/person

120 Minutes: $40/person


Group Skills Feedback Session: $150/group

Individual Skills Feedback Session: $250/group

Customizations: Contact us!

Non-profit and school discounts available.

Warning: Your team may enjoy our games so much, they'll want to come back again.

Ready to Begin an Adventure?

It's easy to get started. Just drop us a note and let us set up your team meeting that will get the office talking for weeks. All your team has to do is join the meeting at your selected time, meet our hosts, and enjoy your adventure!


Call or text: 1-213-788-6568.

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