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A Holiday Haunt

Only available this holiday season!


Playing alongside family from anywhere in the world online, you play as the Spirits of Christmas Yet-to-Come, tasked with showing others the true meaning of the holidays. Taking inspiration from A Christmas Carol, you must show Scrooge the meaning of Christmas—but he’s putting up a fight! He’s turned away the spirits of Christmas Past and Present, and won’t have any more spirit visitations. Now, as the last hope to change Scrooge’s heart, players must overcome Scrooge’s traps and fill his soul with giving before Christmas morning.

"The game is totally family friendly and kids would love it,” says Escape The Roomers, and international escape room review site. “The puzzles are challenging yet entertaining, even humorous at times."

Float around as spirits and overcome the ghostly traps in Scrooge's home to show him the true spirit of Christmas. Saving Scrooge blends traditional escape room puzzling with interactive theatrical elements in an online format. After booking a private game, players meet over Zoom with a game facilitator who runs their adventure, acting as different characters while displaying puzzles on their screen. Alongside using their logical skills to solve puzzles, players use their creative instincts to navigate the realities of being a spirit, and interactions with characters. This virtual experience allows for limitless creative choices that can change the course of your adventure.

Saving Scrooge originally ran from December 19, 2020 until January 10, 2021. It is now available any time. 

This game is reimagined from The Ghosts of Craven Manor, and if you have already played that game, you will have already experienced the puzzles in this game. 

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