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Stranded: Escape Planet X

A dark force attacked your space crew’s ship, causing you crash on Planet X! Stranded and losing power, you are running out of oxygen. You’ll need to find enough power crystals in 15 minutes to restore your ship and get off the planet. Work together with your crew to solve puzzles, battle a dark villain, and escape Planet X!

Your team will enjoy 15 minutes of unforgettable exploration, puzzles, and collaborative games that will bring your team together. 

Stranded: Escape Planet X is a short escape room experience perfect for a warm-up at the start of a team meeting, or for boosting team morale at the end of a busy work week! 

This is a 15-minute virtual experience where your group works together on a video platform of choice to solve puzzles and escape. Each player will be able to see each other’s cursor as they use their computer to explore the planet, maneuver digital objects, and escape before time runs out.


This game acts as a team building exercise for your group, as well as provides an idea of what our longer game experiences will be like. This game is completely unique from our other game experiences and stands on its own. It will also feature a live game host just like our other games!

Fast and Fun Team Building

  • This event is perfect to kick off a big meeting, or boost morale at the end of a busy week.


  • Groups will play together in one team to solve a series of puzzles and interactive challenges to escape Planet X.

  • Each player will use their own computer. If this is not possible for your group, contact us so we can set up alternate arrangements ahead of time. 

  • All players are provided with video call rooms and a live chat between all teams. Players will also be able to see each others' cursors in the game.

  • Each game is facilitated by our live hosts, who will assist the team with clues and laughs from start to finish. 

  • This game currently holds up to 15 players. If you have additional players, please contact us before your game so we can arrange for an additional host. 

  • This game is only available during weekdays at its promotional rate.

  • This game is recommended for busy teams looking to stay connected. It is designed for players newer to escape rooms mind, so everyone can enjoy the fun.


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