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Custom adventures!

Customize Your Adventure with Souvenir Artwork!

Customize your adventure with custom-made artwork, which you can keep and give as a gift after the game! We can customize in-game characters to look, sound, and act like a specific person, making family or friends appear throughout your adventure. There are also opportunities for pets to be included! You can send an image of a family member or pet to be re-drawn and incorporated into the game (for example, your friend can appear as a wizard, ghostly spirit, or magical creature). After appearing in the game, give this art as a memorable added gift!

Custom drawing of player

A player drawn as a wizard and made into a character during their game

Want to customize the game itself? We can also customize puzzle solutions, gameplay plot, and other parts of the game. Solutions could be important dates, places, or names. Special potions, powers, or spells can be added in theme with your special occasion. We can change your game to include customized interactive moments, or unique plot points. Imagine your friend's favorite TV show character appearing in the game, or an evil monster replaced with something you'd like to destroy. We've worked in Funko pops, celebrities, and even evil Twitter birds. Your options are limitless, and we're excited to brainstorm some fun ideas with you.

Custom art modification requests may depend on our artists' availability. We recommend making a request two weeks before your game, although we're occasionally able to accommodate requests in as little as 24 hours. We are able to accommodate requests in different art styles. 

After the game, you get to keep your custom artwork alongside a team photo. Often people will send us an image of a family member or pet to be re-drawn and incorporated into the game. People often really enjoy this as an added gift!

Here are some customization requests we've done:

-Redesign a character in our game to look, act, and/or sound like a specific person--including family members, friends, TV show characters, or even pets! 

-Change types of potion ingredients to specific things ("Jesse's hair" or funny superlatives like "Sam's Good Looks" or "Karen's Smarts")

-Redesign some of our puzzles based around specific objects, obsessions, or people: anything from cars to soccer balls to collectables like Funko pops to pets to people's faces in different poses

-Incorporate a specific object or type of puzzle into the game (custom-designing a puzzle around a specific idea)
-Change the spell words or word solutions throughout the game to be specific words, phrases, or names  

-Having a puzzle reveal a specific date, such as an anniversary or birth date

-Change our symbols puzzles to other symbols, such as favorite animals or other types of objects (or silhouettes of people's faces, logos, countries, or landmarks)

-Change specific spell or potion powers gathered to specific powers someone may want 


Submit the form below with your customization request, or give us a text or call, so we can explore different options with you.  

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Submit a Request

Thank you for submitting! We'll be sure to reach out with a quote soon.

2 Cats no Background.png

Players' cats that were drawn and made into characters in their game

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