Frequently Asked Questions

What is nudism or naturism all about?

Being a social nudist is being comfortable with your own naked body around others who are also naked. The main consideration is mutual respect. Metro East Association Inc provides a welcoming and understanding environment, particularly for those less experienced.

What is the location of the swim night?

In order to protect the privacy of our participants, we do not advertise the address. Please read all of the information on this website, including the FAQ and Code of Behaviour, then telephone us on 0493 037 462 to receive address details. Voice calls only, no SMS, and no blocked or private numbers.

Is this a clothing optional club?

No it isn't. Females may wear a bikini bottom or similar for their first attendance only, in order to assist in becoming comfortable with the group, and during their period. Everyone else is required to be naked during our swim nights.

I am concerned about inappropriate behaviour?

No level of sexual activity is acceptable during our events, which are family friendly. Please read our Code of Behaviour. If you become aware of any such activity, please notify a Committee member (ask at the front desk who they are) and the matter will be fully investigated and dealt with.

How do I become a member of Metro East Association Inc?

To be eligible for membership, a person must attend no fewer than 3 events in a 12 month period and display good attitude and appropriate behaviour. You may then submit an application for membership to the Committee. The annual fee is $30 for single membership, or the same fee applies to a nominated couple for each financial year.

I am a guy, what happens if I get an erection?

This is a common question, particularly for first time social nudists. Erections are perfectly natural and we understand that they can happen at any time. Relax and do not worry, it will settle down on its own. You may wish to consider jumping in to the pool, or wrapping a towel around you for a short while. Remember that Metro East Association Inc is not a sex club, and sexual activity is strictly prohibited.

Can I take selfies during the swim night?

Sorry, but no. In order to protect the privacy of our members and visitors, we ask that you keep your phone switched off during the event. No photos are permitted, except by our official photographer, who will seek consent prior to taking any photos.

What is towel etiquette?

Please bring a towel to sit on, for hygiene reasons.

With all of these naked people, it must be a sexual event?

Absolutely not. This is a non-sexual social nudity event. We do not accept any level of sexual activity during our swim nights. Anyone who engages in any form of sexual behaviour will be asked to leave the venue and may be permanently banned from future attendances. Please read our Code of Behaviour.