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For Teams of 4 to Infinity and Beyond...

Let us take your team on an incredible adventure to outer space and beyond! 

Teams that play together, stay together. Our virtual escape rooms are designed to build trust, communication, and teamwork skills. All the while, your team is traveling across an enchanted land, exploring a haunted manor, or discovering new planets. Our games are:

  • Social and interactive, allowing people to use their creative and logical skills together 

  • Collaborative, designed to improve communication and trust

  • Facilitated by our live hosts, who will assist the team with clues and laughs from start to finish. 

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Players have come from three different continents and from organizations like MicrosoftIBM, Slalom Consulting, Blizzard Entertainment, Colorado State Government Departments, and more. We've hosted games for public schools, libraries, and colleges, including The University of Pennsylvania. Your experience is tailored to your group!

Our live-hosted team building experiences THE DARK TOWER and THE GHOSTS OF CRAVEN MANOR are great for small groups. We take care of all the logistics so your team can solve puzzles and overcome creative challenges. We also offer an option to add team building analysis after your game, where our facilitator will review your team's strengths in communication and problem-solving, noting constructive areas of improvement alongside celebrating your successes. 

Larger teams of 14 to 100+ people may be interested in our newest game, SPACE DEFENDERS. 


The ultimate team experience

Built with big teams in mind, Space Defenders is perfect for your organization, school, or corporate event. This game can hold groups of players ranging from 4 to infinity and beyond!


SPACE DEFENDERS is more than a game: it's made to improve your team's skills in communication, strategic planning, and team collaboration by an award-wining, international designer. Your team works in both smaller groups and as a whole team. Small groups must overcome challenges together while strategizing and collaborating with the entire large team to save the universe. 


As part of an elite group of Space Defenders, your team is tasked with stopping a new threat to the universe. Travel across the galaxy in groups of space ship crews, and communicate between different teams to share clues, solve puzzles, and stop an otherworldly criminal. Crews will travel to different planets and explore a myriad of terrains, characters, and fun challenges on their adventure. No crew can do it alone, and each group must communicate with other crews to strategize, gather power crystals, and save the universe before it's too late. 

We have 60 minute and 90 minute experiences available for groups of all sizes. Pricing can vary depending on group size and game length, usually between $30-$50/person. While the game is collaborative, competitive elements between small teams can be added upon request. 

Warning: You may enjoy this so much, you'll want to come back more than once. There's no way you can see the entire universe in one sitting, after all.








If you’re looking to book your next team meeting that is sure to get the office talking for weeks, fill out our event request form here. We will get in contact with you to discuss logistics and work with your team on pricing to setup the perfect event for your group! We cover all the backend elements, so all your team has to do is join the meeting at your selected time, meet our hosts, and enjoy your adventure!

Or, feel free to call or text us at (213) 788-6568.

Team Building Event Request Form

Thank you for submitting our form. We'll reach out to you soon. We're looking forward to your upcoming adventure!

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