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What makes Fantasy Escape Game's online experiences different?

Our live-stream escape room games are made for maximum social fun online. They're highly interactive, blending traditional escape room puzzling with an open narrative adventure.  Our unique blend of logical puzzle solving and creative freedom of choice is what our players love most, but that's not the only thing that makes our games different: 

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style: Even before the clock starts, your group will be making choices that affect the course of your game. Although puzzles may have only one solution, there are limitless ways to get what you need from characters you encounter. Your group's decisions will make your game's adventure unlike any other group's experience. 

Adjustable Levels of Puzzle Difficulty: When booking, you can select a level of difficulty right for your group. Smaller groups who are newer to puzzling games can select Beginner level, while larger groups of experienced players looking for a challenge play our Expert level. Play a game that matches the difficulty of the experience you want.

Additionally, we don't limit players on the number of hints they can receive--so ask for as much or as little help along the way as you like. 

Social Emphasis: Games are designed for everyone in the group to be engaged, and provide for opportunities for all different types of players to be active participants. Interactive moments require creative group thinking, and not all players need to make the same choice. These character moments require players to not only interact with the Game Master, but also each other. Puzzles are designed for groups to divide and conquer and then compare notes. Our Game Masters' goal is to have you not just enjoy interacting with them, but have lots of fun interacting with your entire group.

Interactive Role Playing: Unlike most puzzle games, but much like an interactive adventure story, you can choose to interact with live characters however you'd like. Each player is an important character--in the case of The Dark Tower, a wizard--who can act however you please. You don't need to stick to a prescribed list of options, or stumble across one correct way to interact. Perhaps you want to charm a monster, while another player wants to sneak past it. Maybe another player will try to fool it into drinking a potion of some kind. Perhaps your group decides to befriend a villain instead of fighting them. Each of these options may have different obstacles and outcomes, and changes how your game unfolds. 

Interactive Design & Format: Our games are intentionally designed with an online format in mind. You won't be following a person around in a room, who gets to touch all the things you can't, but rather you'll be exploring another world on an imaginative, digital adventure. Games are designed to engage all players in a group at once in a way that feels fun and natural online. 

Find out what adventures are in store and book your next Fantasy Escape Game here!

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