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What is a Fantasy Escape Game?


Unique Puzzles, Unique Choices

During your virtual experience, your team overcomes uniquely designed fantasy-themed puzzles, set to an adjustable difficulty level that you choose. You'll also use your creative instincts to interact with characters as you choose--one team may sneak past a monster while another may charm it. While some puzzles have only one solution, your creative choices are limitless and change the course of your adventure.

How it Works


Our live escape room games are virtual, so you can play with anyone anywhere in the world. Puzzle difficulty level is adjustable, to make the game as challenging as you'd like. All games are private for your group only, and you can book online (times are in PST).

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Get Online

Ten minutes before your game, you'll receive an email with a link to join your game on Zoom. Share the link with your friends, and get online at least 5 minutes before your game starts (we can't start games late!). Download Zoom for free beforehand here!


Your Game Master will facilitate your game through art and interactive narration. Work with your team to solve on-screen puzzles and tell your Game Master how you'd like to interact with different characters. Have a notebook handy to help you puzzle-solve!


While puzzles may only have one solution, your team can explore multiple creative ways to solve some challenges or get what you need from different characters. Options are limitless! All our games are fantasy themed, so prepare to leave your world behind for a grand adventure.

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The Dark Tower online escape room Fantasy Escape Games

The Dark Tower

1 hr  |  $15-$16/person

You and your group of fellow wizards must stop a dark sorcerer from completing his foul ritual in an hour's time, dooming the land of Seradel. Gather new spells, overcome magical creatures, and battle a dark wizard before it's too late.

Ghosts of Craven Manor

Opening October 2020

1 hr  |  $15-$16/person

Your family of ghosts has enjoyed taking up residence in Craven Manor, enjoying scaring the locals, making socks disappear, and electronics fail. But now neighbors have had enough, and hired an exorcist. Play as invisible poltergeists to stop an exorcist from evicting you and your neighborly ghostly group.

Ghosts of Craven Manor online escape room Fantasy Escape Games

What Press Say

ESCAPETHEROOMers, International Reviewers

"...our favorite puzzle set that we've done in an audio escape room...The story line pulled us into a fantasy world right from the beginning." Read their full review here.

What People Say


"The Dark Tower is super interactive and unlike any virtual experience I've ever done. It's like a cross between "choose your own adventure" and an escape room, with lots of creative puzzles and awesome artwork!"

Bethany L.


"The Dark Tower is the perfect blend of interactive storytelling and escape room. The unique format encourages creative solutions while still delightfully challenging the usual puzzle solving skills. I had so much fun working with my friends to defeat the forces of evil!"

Katrina C.


"Fantasy Escape's game was a charming yet challenging experience for me and my friends. We got to float around, breathe fire, and get creative with our characters' abilities DND style. This is not your typical virtual escape room; get ready to cast some savory spells!" 

Kush S.

Game Pricing & Regular Schedule

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 9pm PST   |  $15/person

Friday - Sunday: 10am - 10pm PST   |  $16/person

Exact game times may vary weekly. We are able to schedule games outside of our normal hours. Email with your preferred time, game, and number of players to schedule.


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